Comparison Between the Samsung A52s and the iPhone 4S

The Samsung A52s is a mid-ranges Android-based smartphone launched and manufactured by Samsung Electronics in collaboration with Tamsung. The smartphone is slated to be launched on 17 March 2021 at Samsung’s live Awesome Unpacked event. It is the successor to the recently released Galaxy A71. The A 52s features a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, Exynomembrane CPU, 2.3 gigabyte RAM, an Adreno A root kit, a USB Type-C port, a miniature GPS navigation chip, a nine-megapixel rear camera, a six-axis image sensor, a micro SD card reader, and a mobile connectivity with Bluetooth, WiFi and HSDPA. In this article, I will discuss some of the advantages of buying a Samsung A52s. samsung a52s

As it happens, the Samsung A52s is one of two smartphones in the group of Samsung SGH3500 series which are powered by the Exynos processor. The other smartphone in this series, the Samsung Averages, is powered by the Mediatek processor. So, the A 52s runs on the older version of Samsung’s mobile operating system – Ice Cream Sandwich. But all this may be irrelevant to some of our readers, because they would like to know what are the significant differences between these two powerful smartphones when it comes to performance and the like.

Let me begin by comparing the Samsung A52s with the Motorola Atrix HD. When it comes to the memory, the A52s comes with 2GB of internal memory which is a little less than the HD’s 2GB. The Galaxy A53 comes with a slightly larger RAM in it but it is only just enough to meet the demands of your high definition video. In case you are wondering which one of these two smartphones has better sound quality, you will have to really see it for yourself and judge for yourself. Both phones have dual earphone jack connectors which give them a clear advantage over each other. It is also worth mentioning that the A 53 has a single speaker whereas the A 52 has two speaker ports.

In terms of cameras, both devices come with a very good camera with lens which allows you to take high quality videos and still shots. The A52s however, comes with a digital camera which has a higher sensitivity which makes it a better choice to use for those who need professional-looking photos. For the casual consumer, Samsung has again upped the ante with the release of their mid range A53s with an improved camera. This time around we have the Samsung A52s with a digital camera which offers the same features as the higher end model but comes at a much lower price.

What really makes the Samsung A52s a great mobile phone is its ability to be used in both SMS and GPRS. This was one thing the HTC Evo Shift could not do, which made it an excellent choice for the masses. Even though it lacks a QWERTY keyboard, it has a nice touch screen that is easy to use. Although it lacks a headphone jack, it would have been beneficial to have one as we all know that we need our hands to be free to type.

When comparing the A 52s to the iPhone, we can draw a parallel because both phones have one feature that the other lacks, which is a built in web browser. Although web browsing on the A 52s is just as fast as that on an iPhone, it lacks the variety that the iPhone has. However, if you are not going to be using the internet for anything more than checking your email, the iPhone is the better choice. Therefore, if you are looking for a mid-range phone that has everything you want in a mobile phone, the Samsung A52s would be your best option.

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